reDesign: NTNUI

The completed design presented to the board members of NTNUI. They were interested in having someone create it.

reDesign: NTNUI


NTNUI is the Norwegian University of Science and Technology's sports association and has been responsible for the university's sports activities for over 100 years. NTNUI has become the Norway's largest and most versatile sports association with over 14,000 members. Making it one of the most visited and used website on NTNU (not counting anything directly related to the university)


DURATION: 21.09.2020 - 22.03.2021

MY ROLE(s): Designer & Researcher


This work has been done slowly over the span of 6 months, being worked on in my spare time. The completed design was presented to the board members of NTNUI and they were quite interested in having someone build it as designed.


Figma Design file